Essay My Life Events Of The Past, Present, And Future

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My Life Events, of the Past, Present, and Future

Sometimes, life creates unforgettable memories that you cherish, like our past, present and future. Being a single parent in the past, I cannot change it, but I can embrace the experience it has taught me. Meeting Mr. Right has taught me the true definition of love, and to respect my past experiences. I will truly honor my precious time with my husband and our eternity of life moments. Today, I will share with you my past as a single parent, my present with meeting Mr. Right, and my future life events.
In the past, my family life as a single mother were a number of everyday struggles and disadvantages. Especially, acting as the sole provider for my two children, with no spouse to turn to for monetary support. Having only one income, was one of the financial difficulties that force me to work a great deal of overtime hours. It was also important for me to live within a reasonable budget and save money to deal with unexpected emergencies. Having to work overtime hours caused me to spend limited time with my two children. I was not always able to attend classroom parties or PTA meetings at their schools. There were times where my children had to prepare their own dinner, until I arrived home from work. Once, I arrived home, it was grab something to eat, shower, tuck the kids in for bed, and prepare for work again the next day. I juggled the demands of trying to have a social life of dating. The needs of being a…

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