My Life During The United States Essay

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When I turned the age of 12. My life started degraded. I moved from Haiti to reside in the United States. I found myself living with my father and stepmother, whom I had barely seen during the previous years. I, nonetheless, was full of glee at the thought od residing in the United States, with the idea of bettering myself and of being of help to my mother in Haiti. In addition, I thought I would receive emotional, financial and psychological support from my father and stepmother. Sadly, I received the opposite. I was not properly cared for. I did not receive adequate support. Ever since, I arrived in the United States. I never felt at home. Prior I came to reside in New York City. It had never come to my attention that I have gone through Restavek, “Is a form of child domestic slavery in Haiti that affects an estimated 300,000 children” (Cara L Kennedy, 1 paragraph). However, I was fortunate that I wasn 'tkept from school. Three months after my arrival, I started attended in Junior High School, MS61, located in Brooklyn NY. My stepmother, along with my father, had been emotionally, physically, and verbally offensive. My stepmother was constantly demeaned and blamed me for the worsening of his relationsip between herself and my father. At the same time, she expected me to cleaned and cooked every weekend for my her daughter and I also did laundry. I am aware that every teenager is expected to do chores in the house. In fact, it is a part of growing up. Instead, I…

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