My Life Changed A Blank Of An Eye Essay

1081 Words Dec 4th, 2015 5 Pages
My life changed in a blank of an eye when I laid eyes on my girlfriend Fox. Right now I’m on the phone with her best friend Elliot, “So it’s been eleven months that I’ve been dating with Fox. She’s just too marvelous to put into words. I’m absolutely head over heels in love with her. I want to ask her to marry me, how should I pop the question?” Elliot went silent, and then I hear squealing, “Boy it’s taken you long enough? Oh my god this is fantastic news! Like I’m overwhelmed with emotions, you hit me right in the honey nut feeleos.” I began to laugh, “Dimmit Elliot I’m trying to be serious! This is a very serious matter.” I take a deep breath, then continue to speak, “When should I propose and how should I conquer this without falling flat on my face with failure?”
Elliot paused, then said, “Gabe hold on Fox is trying to call me, I’ll call you right back.” Fuck I’m so nervous is she on to us? Nah she can’t be. I panicked and quickly lunge to my dresser and open the first drawer. Then I let out a sigh of relief the ring I bought yesterday is still there.
Okay, so she doesn’t know yet, that’s a relief. I calmed my nerves down and then my phone began to ring. It’s just Elliot, to my alleviation. I pick it up to hear her blast my ears out, “Oh my god Fox startled me dude.” She takes a breather, then continues, “Like I thought she had a super power and found out already!” I snicker, “Not even going to lie same. I was freaking the fuck out. So what did she want?”

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