Essay about My Life At The Medical Field

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“Could you take her blood pressure for me?” said the nurse as I approached the patient’s door. I grabbed my sphygmomanometer and quickly approached the bed. After the formal introduction, the patient gave me her arm and I began the process. I placed the sphygmomanometer around her arm and then lined up the diaphragm of the stethoscope with her brachial artery. Her systolic blood pressure was a little high, 128 mmHg; however, her diastolic blood pressure was normal, 82 mmHg. After giving the information back to the nurse, my clinical was over for the day. While this sounds like a typical situation in nursing school, it is actually my life in high school. Between my classes and volunteering positions, I spend twelve hours every week in a hospital setting. The best part? I cherish every minute. Unlike many applicants who have dreamed of entering the medical field since leaving the uterus, my decision was more of a journey. I had many aspirations as a child. In second grade, I wanted to be a police officer. In third grade, I wanted to be an actor. In sixth grade, I wanted to be an architect. By ninth grade, nothing interested me anymore. My grandfather became gravely ill and hospitalized when I was in ninth grade. Visiting my grandfather was the first time I had entered a hospital since I was six years old and my father took me to meet my new baby sister. The hospital was an imposing building and yet I felt energized, not intimidated, by the setting. I witnessed my…

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