Essay on My Life As A Person Who I Love

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In life people only get one childhood, one teenage life and than the final stage of adult life. Along the way people make mistakes, they take the wrong advice, the get lost on the journey, but the one thing that can shape a persons life is their parental figures. In terms of critics, Harold Bloom hammers this idea home when he brings up the idea of past generations affecting the current one. However, his interpretation of this was actually in relation to that of the poets stealing ideas from past poets and making it their own. This idea is present in my life due to the family situation I grew up in. It was not the best life but I made the best at what I had at the time. My mother is a person who I love greatly but who has made many mistakes in her life and thus many examples of what not to do in mine. She divorced my father when I was three and I am told that we were doing well and that she even found new love in a man named Bob. They were married and had my five other siblings. However, their relationship was not a healthy one, they fought constantly and sometimes it even got physical. At that time I knew that no one would ever put there hands on me in such a way. Eventually, DCF got involved and took my siblings and I away from them and to separate homes. I was so angry at the time knowing that because of something my parental figures did it caused me so much pain. I went stay with my maternal grandmother for about a year before my mother was able to get me back. However,…

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