My Life As A Career Essays

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All my life I have been very interested into art. But when I got into college pursuing a career in art was out of the question for my dad. Don’t get me wrong I know he has/had my best interest at heart because not many people get a career in art even if they have a degree and if they do they do not get paid a lot, not that I need a lot I just want to be able to support myself and maybe a family in the future.
When I got into Ball State I originally was a pre-business major and I knew after my first business class that it was not for me, it also did not help that I would have had to take a few more math classes than I would have liked. So I switched to Public Relations and although I haven’t had many classes in this department I already love it. Through out high school I was always very outgoing and talkative, and growing up with a dad who sells for a living definitely contributed to that and made my choice all the more obvious. When I came into this field I had decided to work with health care but after taking an art course on campus, ART 290, I decided to try to find a way to contribute my love for art into my future career. I looked into it a little bit and discovered that like every other field there is PR in the arts as well. I later decided I would try being a representative for artists and/or art galleries. I think having PR for my major and Art History as my minor I would be an exceptional choice for artists and art galleries looking for good representatives. Public…

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