My Life As A Career For Physical Therapy Essay

1243 Words Dec 14th, 2015 null Page
FYS Final
Courage has been a message and something I personally try to achieve ever since my younger brother, Julian, was born in 2011. He was born prematurely, and with a lot of health complications and other factors that my family has to still deal with today. This experience has made me want to pursue a career in physical therapy. Although I love the subject, I do not want physical therapy to define my life as a whole. I enjoy being a part of a diverse community that gives me an opportunity to explore topics I find interesting and influences the way I live. Recently since attending college I found courage to hold a bolder influence in my life as I went through formal sorority recruitment this fall. One the conversations I had during one of the rounds led to a young lady describing about how courageous I was after telling her about my travels to Japan in 2013 in order to part take in the recovery efforts resulting from the 2011 tsunami and earthquake. Originally, I didn’t think such actions warranted the title of courage but it made me start thinking of what made someone have courage. Primarily, my guiding question evolved around the central question of what defines courage, however, I found it more fitting not to explain it, but rather explore how individual courage will affect society as a whole. Every day my guiding question kept changing and eventually developed into an inquiry of self-reflection while exploring the value of service to a community. I established my…

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