My Life As A Brown, Male Indian Essay

1139 Words Dec 8th, 2016 5 Pages
To the Younger Ones: My life as a brown, male Indian, I have met life differently than how others have throughout their life in the United States. Since elementary school, we are taught that everyone is under one god and that everyone is to be equal under any circumstances. As I grew up, I slowly learned in my social studies class in Middle School that some of us were less privileged than others and therefore treated differently. These differences are not set by nature but society and the community that is around us, changing and evolving every single day, but today I will tell you the world in which I grew up. This world will tell you that some of us are less privileged due to our skin color but also our sexuality or our preference for a certain gender can determine the way you are approached in the society. From the natural tendencies of human nature to glare at you with a sense of hatred or sometimes physical aggression is part of the things you will encounter in life. If you are thought to be different in society, one is seen as an outcast and therefore will not be accept like everyone. All humans are born and bred the same, but some us are thought to much higher in supremacy than other per our skin color. As a boy living in central suburban Pennsylvania, I have dealt with numerous types of people that had a different opinion on my skin color. Although, much of these opinions were abstract and was differentiated by the way they looked at me, the way they talked to…

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