Personal Narrative: 24 Years Of My Life

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With 24 years under my belt, I have had some good and not so good experiences in life. I could say the prime time years of my life was from the age of 19 to now at 24, yet it goes back to birth for myself. Big enough to fit in the palm of your hands I started out in the world as 1lb 15oz premature baby born on December 3, 1991, at the University of South Alabama Medical Center in Mobile, Alabama. The only child to both my mother and father their "miracle baby" is what they call me. Born three months ahead of time about 26 weeks. I stayed in an incubator in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) of the hospital for two months moving along to the premature nursery for one month. Finally, able to go home, my parents were happy, but this was all something new for them to …show more content…
Discharged March of 1992. I was sent home with a stat monitor used to help detect my breathing and heart rate. The monitor was for one year. My mother tells me the stories on how the first few months of being home everyone would treat me as if I was breakable. turning one in better health than ever by the age of two I was the ruler of the house. Growing up through my toddler years I was sent to an at home daycare. It was a daycare within my community with not as many children. Then I transitioned over to a public daycare with other children of my age.
By the age of four, I started school at a just four pre-k school learning educational skills like counting, colors, and alphabet preparing me for my journey to kindergarten at Westlawn Elementary School. Those were the years where it all started my life began to change quickly. From having corrective eye surgery staying in the hospital for a week unable to come from under anesthesia. Discharged after surgery times seem to go slow it was a blur barely able to see I

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