Essay on My Life And Perception Of Pop Music

820 Words Jul 20th, 2015 4 Pages
I am Vietnamese who was born in the last years of the 20th century. Then, then 2000s was the era which the culture of pop music was automatically instilled in each person the day they started to listen to music. The modern pop music is one of the fastest growing genres in the music industries. And undoubtedly, pop quickly spreads its affections to the Vietnamese audience. Just the same as other people at my age, I used to despite older music, considered them out of fashion and boring. However, as my life and perception change, I found out that I also take interest in an older genre of music that called the Vietnamese “Golden Music”. Usually, people who enjoy Pop music do not appreciate the Golden Music. Yet, I found that this type of music is particularly meaningful and has its own beauties. The Golden Music , which also known as the “Yellow Music” or “Romantic Pessimism Music” by some people, made its first appearance in the 1950s and was the most popular genre of music among Vietnamese until the 1970s. It was a combination of the traditional singing style and the usage of western instruments. The singers use the singing techniques of the Asian five note music system, but with the companions of western music instruments and styles such as waltz, slow, rock, and bolero. Reflecting the social circumstances and life conditions of these years, the Golden Music typically embraces the feelings of those who had lived in war and hardships. In this genre of music, you would…

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