My Life And My Personal Growth Essay

1022 Words Dec 1st, 2014 null Page
I do not feel like a drastically different version of myself; pulled apart and pieced together again with new parts and leftover fragments of my old self like Frankenstein’s monster. Upon interviewing my mother about my personal growth since my eighth grade year, it would seem that I am essentially the same “firecracker” that I was almost five years ago, just less rough around the edges. Inner reflection has also made me realize that I have in fact changed, be it in my physicality, my personal views and religion, or morals in general. I have grown up so much physically-much like all do- since eighth grade. My old favorite shoes no longer fit, sadly XS is no longer my trademark size and I no longer have to strain myself to reach my top shelf that used to hold precious copies of the Twilight saga. Physically, I look like a college freshman (hopefully), and though it is nice to no longer be mistaken for a middle schooler, my appearance is in no way close to the most important evolvement that I’ve gone through.
The fact that I do not hold my body image as a top priority is a major change from the thirteen-year-old version of myself. My priorities back then are so small and naïve compared to the ones I have now. I would very willingly trade my worries of becoming a successful adult and paying for college for some trivial friend drama. My world views have widened, and the new perspectives that have accompanied them also bring eye-opening realizations about the blissful…

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