Essay about My Life And My Future

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Value Summary
I would like to begin by stating that I don’t like to predict the future. Each day I worked towards the future by bettering myself in both a professional and personal way, but the goals related to that are fairly vague. Because of the many bumps and unpredictable events that I have experienced I’ve learned to stop micromanaging my future and go with the flow of the events without deteriorating my drive for my long-term goals. Although, if I was able to live out my ideal life and accomplish all of my career goals then this would be that story.
I am obsessed with experiences and want to enjoy as many different opportunities as I can in order to expand my knowledge and understanding of myself and those around me. Pursuing a degree in marketing is one of the best choices I ever made not only because I truly love my major but because the flexibility and endless opportunities available are perfect for someone who wants to explore different industries, companies, and places. After graduating from Ithaca College I will need to enter the corporate world in order to have a salary high enough to pay off the copious amounts of student loan debt bestowed upon me in exchange for my regal education from Ithaca College.
I hope to make New York City my new home and work for a small corporation that cares about its employees as well as the work it puts out in society. After working at my first company for a while, I will try to move up in the company itself or move on towards…

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