Essay on My Life And My Father

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Ministry # 2

With which two people did you connect & which cards were used? I have used the cards of the picture with my father today and started too connected with my father where he sat in his spiritual walk with Christ Jesus. The one thing he told me about in his life is how God used him as a vessels to his bothers and sisters around him. He told me that when he was growing up as a younger man he was very independent person to his mother and sisters and brothers. My father almost died on the operated table in the hospital in 2001, and my father had the chance change his life around for the better. So the three images that my father pick is the one about a bike with no wheel means to he is broken hearted that got that repaired by God Grace or salvation and love and peace, and self-control of the Holy Spirit. The images of the card help me understanding my father lifestyle more better and how he function as a person find the Lord into his life. The second picture that my father pick out of the images cards was picture 46 black and white picture shows, and where my father life used to be. My father was in a bad mood back then when I was growing up as young man unto Christ Jesus as my personal savior. My father used to, always standing behind the door like the one shows in the image, because my father didn’t have place that he. Could fit in doing that time of his life being on drugs and alcohol abuse. When my father find the Lord Jesus Christ into his life he being to…

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