My Life And My Father Essay

1031 Words Apr 18th, 2016 null Page
Like most people in India I lived with my mother and father, while my brother was in another country finishing his higher studies, who used to visit us often during his vacations. It was the perfect little family, until the day when I had to make a decision which changed my life and made me who I am today.
It all started on July 21st, 2010, when I came to United States for the first time with my family for me and my brother’s studies. Me, my brother, Mom and Dad used to live at one of our relatives house in Jersey City, New Jersey. I was in 7th grade at that time and my brother started his college there. Everything was going well until October of 2010, when the weather started to change and my father realized that because of his asthma his health was not stable. So he decided to go back to India and continue to handle his business there.
Some people do not like changes in their life, my father was one of them, he did not liked the change of moving to United States and the fact that we were living at his uncle’s house. He did not liked the change of moving back to India without his family, which started to affect him mentally. My mother, who worked as hard as she could to keep all the obstacles away from me and my brother but she was a wife as well as a mother. She decided that my brother should stay in United States and continue his studies, whereas we both should go back until I finish 10th grade. I was small so I agreed to her, because I knew it would be hard for me to…

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