Personal Narrative: Improving My Time Management Of Time

ith only 24 hours in a day, it seems like I can never get enough done. In the morning when I wake up, I always plan out my day with my classes, tennis practices, meetings, studying, and other errands that I have to complete that day. However, it never goes according to plan! At the end of the day I tend to find myself with incomplete to do’s and added time pressure to get things done. This is why time management is so important. Managing how we plan, balance, and use our time can maximize our efforts and productivity. After logging my daily activities for three days in 15 minute increments, I have been able to analyze where I make good use of my time and where I waste time. After analyzation, I found that I get most of my work done in the …show more content…
From my findings, here is my action plan to improve my time management. I have decided I need to get up even earlier in the day to complete all my tasks. This is the only time I really am the most effective and efficient. Later on in the day, I enjoy just relaxing and having fun which makes for a well-balanced day. However, to avoid procrastination, I need to delete my Netflix account because this is a huge time-waster for me. I also need to go to sleep earlier at night. Since I am already tired, not getting anything done, and will be waking up earlier anyway, getting to sleep earlier makes the most sense. Getting enough sleep will also help me not feel as tired throughout the day and be able to do well in my work, classes, and tennis practices. I also have decided to eliminate spending time in our athletic’s training room. This is a huge time gap for me that is just procrastination until dinner time. It is in this time that I can complete other tasks that are urgent or important. Now if I do go in the training room, I will only spend a maximum of 10 minutes getting whatever treatment I need or to ice bath and get out. Finally, I am already pretty good about making to do lists, however I need to make sure I am really finishing these on time to reduce stress and time pressure. I plan to always complete my to do list for the day for now on and not leave tasks for the next day. I believe all

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