My Life And How It Will Influence Your Academic Work And Goals At Colorado Christian University

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eptember 10, 2015 Describe an event or experience in your life and how it will influence your academic work and goals at Colorado Christian University (CCU). Your essay should be at least 500 words (approximately 2 pages or more double spaced in length). As a child growing up I was blessed with a mother and father who raised me to be loving, kind and to understand the importance of right and wrong. Moreover, my father was very influential very early in my childhood as I would watch him each day study the scriptures and prepare for Church on Sunday. My father was a very intricate part of the church and I found this profoundly humbling experience and moving in many ways. As a result, I began to grow spiritually in every way and if there was one thing that I took from my Father 's guidance was that I would always show love to those in my life and those who crossed my path. However, I was not prepared for the time when I entered into a relationship with someone who I thought was Christian and a good person. After entering into this relationship I could see in this person that they suffered hardships in the past and I thought perhaps I could console him and help him through his dark times. As a result, I started to drift away from the church and found myself out in the world in a confused and selfish state of mind. Needless to say, it led me down a very bad path and in the miry pit. I eventually entered into a very abusive relationship both physically and mentally and I struggled…

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