My Life And His Life Essay

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“22.4!” said Aaron, Payton 's coach. Everyone was surrounding him now, this is something he has wanted his entire life, and he finally accomplished it. All the hard work, pain, and dedication has paid off. Payton has been running his entire life, and no matter what people have said he pushed himself beyond even what he thought he could.

Payton ran over to the side of the track, his father congratulated him, possibly just as excited as his son. “Dad I can not believe it! you were right, I could do it, I just never believed in myself i guess.” said Payton. His father replied “ Well I always knew you could, you have been so dedicated you deserve it, anyway do you know that girl?” Payton tuned and was shocked. “Bell!” He has not seen her since The end of his sophomore year, nearly two and a half years ago. “ It’s been so long, i’m so glad you showed up.” Bell smiled. “ Since I am home from college I can see you whenever you want now.” she exclaimed. “That 's gre..” why must this be happening now?! Payton got dizzy. This doesn’t happen too often but when he does weird things start to happen, weird unexplainable things. “ Are you alright?” said Belle worried and slightly confused. Payton finally back to his senses. “ Umm i’m not for sure, I must just have ran too hard haha.” He tried to make a joke out of it so nothing seemed to suspicious. “You have always been funny, I was going to ask if you wanted to come over for a while but you seem ill, would you like me to take you…

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