My Life And Good Health Essay

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As a child, I was always told to “follow my dreams”. But as I got older, I was pushed to be more practical and realistic with my career options, urged to keep financial matters in mind as well. Two people in my life have brought me back to the original suit of following my dreams; I just did not realize it right away.
As a Registered Nurse, I see people on the brink of death, and those recovering. Life and good health are never guaranteed, so I always teach my patients to take each day in stride and never give up. A couple of years ago, during my nursing school clinical rotation, I came across a man that was in a medically induced coma, it was believed he had only a short amount of time before he succumbed to his illnesses and passed away.
This gentleman had just sent both of his daughters off to college and vowed to regain control of his health, for not only his family but himself as well. Just a few days after beginning the process, he collapsed and had been hospitalized since. I cared for him that day with the hope that I had for all of my patients, with hopes that he would make it out of that hospital and return home again, regardless of his current prognosis. A few weeks later, almost 12 weeks after his initial hospitalization, I had the pleasure of caring for him again. This day, his medication was turned down, and he was in the process of being weaned to be able to be sustained on room air. I was told he would open his eyes and hold a blank stare, with little to…

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