My Life And Development As A Young Woman Essay

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Family is a word that can provoke many feelings in the majority of humans; those feelings range from utter pride and happiness to utter despair. For me, it’s a mixture of pride and curiosity. I’m always eager to learn more about my family and ancestors. Knowing about our backgrounds, and where we came from, gives us a strong sense of identity, which is an important and valuable trait to have. If we don’t have a sense of who we are and where we came from, then we can’t function as individuals and feel very lost. Almost all of my grandparents are living and have been involved with my life and development as a young woman. However, my great-grandparents were never a part of my life and unfortunately passed away before my birth. On my Mother’s side my Great- Grandmother was born in Poland. She was born in 1904 and immigrated to Boston, Massachusetts at the age of 24. Her name was Martha Raverbee. She was a very mysterious woman, and suffered from severe depression, the reason was unknown. Though she suffered from depression, she attempted to be a requisite parent. She was an incredible cook, and always made perogies, golumpki, and blueberry mazurka. She was a courageous woman who was always willing to encourage her children. Her husband, Morris Rotenburg had mostly German roots. He was born in Chelsea, MA in June, 1907. Morris was the oldest child of three. He had to leave high school in order to support his family. Despite his informal education, he was extremely bright…

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