My Life And Career Choices Essay

1997 Words Sep 16th, 2015 null Page
Many things make us the individual that we become. There are many different situations and people that help to shape our life. Sometimes these individuals do not know what a difference they have made in our life. They can influence us for good or bad and oftentimes it is unknown for a period of time what direction your life is going to take. This is the story of different things and people that have influenced me and how I became who I am. I feel that I connect with the cognitive theories as far as my life and career choices.
I was born a middle child and grew up in an old farmhouse with a very different family constellation than most others I knew. The old farmhouse belonged to my maternal grandparents and my parents never paid rent. The family consisted of my father, mother, older half brother, younger half sister and myself. Even though we have different fathers my father gave us all his last name and raised us. My grandpa and grandma were there only when they were on their way to "the other place." So during the summer they lived up north close to Traverse City but during the winter they went to Florida. Anything that us kids needed my maternal or paternal grandparents provided.
Neither of my parents worked so we were raised on the state programs. We had food stamps to provide food and then we had Medicaid for insurance. We were very poor as far as socioeconomic status was concerned. It seemed as though I was looked down on in school because…

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