My Life After The World War I Essay

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It was 1953 , here I am being brought into the home of multiple marriages, infidelities, mental illnesses, alcoholism and let’s not forget all of half-brothers and half-sisters that didn’t want to be there but had nowhere else to go. For me the first few years of life seemed very pleasant, but in the shadows lurked the demons which would crush my world and send my life into turmoil.

By the time I was six years old my parents decided to divorce. With the divorce came the loss of home, love and security of which I knew. The walls came tumbling down around me I felt abandoned and afraid. All of my brothers and sisters scattered into the wind, they were sent to live with their other parents or family. My father was in the military and he was being transferred to Korea. My mother for reasons unknown to me at the time felt she could not handle raising me so has the parent she could be she sent me to a Catholic military school, where I was to be raised by nuns and military commanders to be one of God’s little soldiers. I was so negatively impacted by the loss of my family that I acted out very negatively to those around me that tried to show me any type of love. Because of my uncontrollable behavior I was suspended from Catholic military school and sent to live with distant relatives. The majority of relatives that tried to take care of me basically did it for the money that my parents contributed. I found no nurturing in these settings.

By the time I was nine years old I was…

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