My Life After The United State Of America Essay

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Sometimes it’s the small decisions that can change your life forever. Upon my arrival to the United State of America, I have been exposed to many different lifestyles, cultures, environmental and psychological changes, including good and bad behaviors. Five years ago, I was influenced by the poor decisions and thought of my friends. I was falling in the pathway my friends created for me. It was my step-mother, who I view as my mentor that gave my life another meaning. Without her I would not turn out to be the person I am today.
My life took and outreaches turn when my friends decided to live the streets life. Thoughtfully aware of consequences of socializing with this crowd, yet I was somehow trying to look and be like them. Psychologically I was a confused teenager who wanted to make a difference one day; after all, I wanted to fit in that environment. without doubt I was more of a so call “follower”. I was not able to express my feelings and thoughts whether friends were wrong or not because I wanted to impress them. I always went alone with whatever they were saying or doing. I felt like I needed someone to keep me focus on the right path, someone to help me rebuild my own path, but I didn’t know who to turn to for help and I started to believe that coming to the United States was just another poor mistake I made over the course of my teenage years. Once my Step-mother detected my problems, she decided to make my matters her priorities. As a psychiatrist she knew the…

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