Essay My Life After The Sun

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If I would of known this was my last time seeing the sun rise I would have thought better then to spend it laying in my bed. I would have done anything else if I knew this would be the end for me: Perhaps I would of told my family and friends that I would miss them, or maybe I would of gotten up earlier than usual to make myself a cup of coffee, or possibly boarded up the house from any random strangers that would of wanted to kill me. But no, instead I preformed my normal summer ritual that I did every morning. The one where I would first wake up late in the morning with my eyes sealed from the sand man. Then, after making an attempt to rub away his magic, I would turn myself over to face away from the flush of the morning. Each time I did this though my curiosity would eventually consume me and make me turn myself back to the morning sun as if I was missing out on seeing a spectacle. You would think that I would know better I would think to myself as I repeated this insanity during my summer break. Yet every time I would fall for my mind games as each summer morning presented itself the same as before: The sky would be bright and clear, I would hear a few chirping birds as they glided past the Maplewood trees that were fused to the earth, a squirrel or two would sometimes be sitting on the crisp green grass, and if I was lucky enough I would get to see a rabbit in my mom’s warm colored flowers.
I lived in a small neighborhood where the honking of cars and the chattering…

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