Essay about My Life After The Middle Of The Night With My Heart Pounding

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I wake up in the middle of the night with my heart pounding. I try to concentrate on slowing down my heartbeat, while my eyes try to adjust in the darkness. My dreams are filled with fears and insecurities about my future. Lately these dreams are becoming more frequent. Have I really wasted so much time? Am I at a standstill and my subconscious is so worried that it keeps me awake at night? I lay there worrying but now that I’m awake I can think clearly and my fears subside. There is no real need to worry. In these last twenty-three years I’ve lived a very fulfilling life.
I was born in Culver City, California and grew up in Los Angeles with the majority of my family. California life was good to us, but after seeing how well my Aunt was doing in Las Vegas, my parents decided to give it a try. We moved to Las Vegas when I was seven years old. My parents worked very hard, sacrificing a lot so they could provide for us.
My sophomore year in high school, I found out about a program where I could earn both high school and college credit. I applied along with one of my friends and we both got accepted. My last two years of high school, I spent at College of Southern Nevada’s West Charleston campus and graduated with my diploma and 29 credits towards my Associate degree. After high school, I stayed at CSN and worked toward completing my science degree. Along the way, I realized that science wasn’t for me and instead graduated in 2012 with my Associate of Arts emphasis in…

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