My Life After Old Girl Holding A Pregnancy Test Essay

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Mamaw About 17 years ago, there was a terrified seventeen year old girl holding a pregnancy test that read positive. She thought to herself, “I’m not ready, I don’t know what to do.” That was my mother. Despite the fear, she loved my father and accepted the fact that soon I would make my appearance. On a hot summer night in July of 1998, those scared teenagers became parents to a healthy baby girl. Fast forward five years later, my young parents are constantly going out at night and coming back at 3 AM. They were just fulfilling the partying that they did not get to experience while I was a toddler. Of course I didn’t mind. While they were taking shots at a club, I was sipping chocolate milk with my favorite person, Mamaw. I basically grew up in Mamaw’s house. I was attached at her hip and no one could take me away without a screaming, crying tantrum. I love my parents, they have done their best. I know raising a child isn’t easy, especially when you’re still a child yourself. But Mamaw, taught me things my parents couldn’t. She had raised my dad and his three brothers, so she knew a thing or two about kids. Mamaw is fifty-seven and was raised in Louisiana. She has the sweetest southern accent with a Cajun twang to it. Her hair is black with highlights of silver. She is tan, slender, and about 5 feet 4 inches tall. Her house smells like fresh flowers and the furniture will be moved every time you come over. She has the smallest, wrinkled hands that are always moving. In…

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