My Life After High School Essay

1040 Words May 16th, 2016 null Page
“This will be our last summer before entering hell”, my friend announced in her sincerest voice, and the whole group burst into laughter. As I tried to keep myself off the topic, concentrated in enjoying the fresh breezes of spring and the delicate nutty smell from my coffee cup, I still couldn’t help thinking about my life after high school. My friends were too busy confessing how excited they were for graduation, not aware that my mind had already travelled somewhere else. In another two weeks, my entire four years spent in this place will be packed into tiny boxes, left hidden somewhere in my cramped closet. Thinking about this was somewhat heart-wrenching, although such departure was already planned years ago. It was just a feeling that there are so many precious memories and lessons I wish to take on my way out of high school. I couldn’t manage to leave any of them behind. Nevertheless, there would be some that I considered more valuable than the rest, as they have shaped the person I am today.
During my time in high school, I have learned to have faith in myself. Not too long ago, I was shy and coward. I didn’t have the nerve to voice my opinions, neither did I trust my instinct and strengths; so many times have I rejected offers from the teachers due to my own fear of failing their expectation. The overwhelming insecurities infringed the opportunities I had. As easy as that, I lost without shooting any attempt. Moving to the U.S. and being able to attend a high…

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