My Life After High School Essay

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Mechanics is the field in which people work on the everyday vehicles that everyone uses. there are many fields within that subject. I plan on working under the hood and under the car on the things that make the car run. I will be working with the combustion systems, AC systems, electrical systems, tires and whatever else covers the systems inside the car. Cosmetology consists of the cutting and styling people 's hair and also taking care of their nails. Such as making acrylic nails, manicures and professional painting.
The plan I had for my life after high school had been a plan I had for about 2 years while I lived in Boise going to Borah High School. I was in AVID which was a college prep course mostly made for accelerated students who had the time and patience to get ahead of life. Along with AVID I was in a program called Skills USA, a program based around teenagers with skills such as mechanics and welding. We would go to competitions for the skills mentioned along with volunteering and fundraising money for charities. I had joined the mechanical side of it because there were scholarships for that profession. That was my plan, to go to school for mechanics since I was in programs for going on to college and succeeding. Cosmetology was more just something that I was raised around. My grandmother was a cosmetologist and did what she was certified to do, till almost the day she died. I used to cut my own hair since I was a little child, even though that was an adventure…

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