Essay on My Life After A New Life

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The day I drove across the country to start a new life I learned how to accept my past, take on new challenges and plan for the future. It was a snowy February day. The snow had started to come down harder, the ice was thickening on the roads and I had an anxious puppy in the car. Just a few months before everything was very different. I had a solid job, what I had thought was happiness, and a great home. When she decided to leave my world turned upside down. Now I was sitting in my Nissan; trunk piled high of loose clothes, and random knick knacks I had collected over the years. She was never the love of my life but I had made her my world. I had built a life around her and all of that meant nothing when I looked into the snow. I threw my cigarette out the car with a burned photo of her and left to start a new life.
Colorado was never in my previous plans but it became one very quickly. I had visited once, only a few weeks before I had left. I had sold most of my stuff to even afford a flight ticket to check it out. I only knew two people in Colorado. I had met them while I was stationed in Germany, they were my adoptive parents. They took me in when I had no one. I never had a great relationship with my actual parents. I had come out as transgender when I was 20 and ever since things had gone downhill. These two individuals not only listened but they let me stay for a month or two when I first got to the state. When I visited I had felt like I was at home. They took me to…

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