My Life After A Cold Day During Winter Break Essay

1194 Words Apr 29th, 2015 null Page
For most of my life, I’ve always had three younger siblings. I say most because I was here first and over time my parents added to our crazy family. My sisters and I are something called Irish triplets. We are not actually triplets, born at the same time, but instead born at the same increment. All eighteen months apart, we were never emotionally close just physically close. Grouped together in the same activities often on the same team, it seemed anywhere I turned they were next to me. Spending mass amounts together like we did, conflict was bound to emerge. And believe me it did. More times than not these conflicts were minor, but major flairs would erupt into screaming back and forth. Managing or dealing with conflict is something all people must engage in but it becomes especially important for those sharing a confined space. It all happened on a cold, snowy day during Winter break this past year. Living in Hartford fulltime, I ventured home for the holidays and a break from school and work. Arriving home at first was good. By the third day, small conflicts began. Borrowing clothes, taking things from my bags, or even borrowing the car that we all shared, all without permission. These conflicts wore on me leading into the grand conflict. Surrounded around the dinner table my little sister, Meghann, started talking about college for next year. Senior year was half over and acceptance letters began to make their way home. Working in admissions and being a college…

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