My Life: A Life Story

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A Life Story
A cool, fall day on September 4th, at 12:58 p.m., my life began. I was born in the town of Gallipolis with the weight of 7 pounds and 15 ounces. I recently moved to Oak Hill and now, as a senior, I go to Oak Hill High School. I’m currently living with my mom, Amanda; my dad, Jamie; and younger brother Blake. I also have an older sister Haleigh, who is a junior at The Ohio State University. To me, being the middle child is frustrating a lot of times, especially when my younger brother gets away with about anything and my older sister being the one in a million child (My parents gave her necklace that says just that). Even with our fights and fits we have amongst us, I still love them both.
My parents gave me the name Jalea and
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The change for switching schools may be hard, but so far it has been going good. A big thing for me this year is looking at colleges to see which suits me best. Basketball has always been the sport I love to play and hopefully I able to still play at the collegiate. My travel ball coach, Brett, has been a huge help in seeing colleges that are interested in me and couldn’t thank him enough. I’m very grateful to be given this …show more content…
It’s definitely something you shouldn’t take for granted. When I was about five years old my dad was told he had Melanoma, a type of skin cancer in his liver bile duct. He went through surgery and doctors gave him only five years live. To this day, my dad has been living healthy for fourteen years! I couldn’t imagine growing up without my dad by my side. He has been my biggest supporter growing up. I have a few friends and one in particular that is my best friend, I consider her as a sister to me. While taking my speech therapy classes I would see her and her twin brother when my session would be over then theirs would be right after. Ever since then we have always remained friends. We usually go out to eat or stay in and watch movies. Every year though we go to Kings Island in October for their birthday. It is always fun even though I am a big baby and refuse to ride the steep one. The summer before last and this past summer to now, I work at Dairy Queen in Gallipolis. I even get to work with them, Jenelle and her twin brother,

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