My Life : A Broken Home And What It Has Taught Me Essay

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Growing Up in a Broken Home and What it Has Taught Me
Growing up I had typical childhood experiences, but unlike some of you I grew up in a broken home. Many people would say I got the short end of the stick; however, I believe it has in some ways made me a better person. It was not because of the broken home, tons of other people grew up that way, it was the completely opposite lifestyles I observed in both homes that changed me. It has taught me many life lessons, including the fact that a man does not have to be your father to be a dad. I was raised by two different men, who are still in my life today. My step dad raised me as his own, and made sure I have had everything I need to have a good life. He showed me compassion and love, and I’m glad I got to call him dad. Another lesson it has taught me is that all people are the same no matter the amount of wealth a person has. Everyone goes through struggles in their life, some people just go through them more often, or have them more severe. That, however, does not make them any less of a person than someone who has had an easier life. My experiences have shaped who I am today, as well as made me more understanding and compassionate. I experienced two completely different ways of life growing up the way I did, which has taught me a lot more than I ever realized. My mom and dad split up when I was about two years old, and shortly after that was when my step dad came into the picture. I lived with and was raised by my mom…

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