Essay My Letter : My Mother

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My full name Melissa Desiree Camberos I was made thanks to my parents Ana Torres and Miguel parents lived together in an apartment while my mom worked long hours at panda Express unfortunately she dropped out of high school at grade 10 because my dad was shot so she left to stay with him .She never high school diploma she has tried recently to get her GED but work keeps her away and tired when she is off. My dad didn’t work while they lives together he went through all of high school but he didn’t graduate. Anyways they lived in that apartment for a year until my parents went to Iowa and my mom returned pregnant with me. I was born June 10, 1998 six months later my parents separated my mom moved to Arkansas with my step-dad Miguel Torres. My dad stayed with mom there was a lot of tension and unresolved problems a lot of drama came because I wasn’t able to stay with my dad as much as I was with my mom. The problem was later brought to court the agreement they settled on was alternate weeks. It stayed that way until my dad didn’t take me to school the days he had me. My mom didn’t want him interfering with my studies so she told him that he can only have me on weekends my dad soon stop trying and I ended up living at my mom’s.
Growing up threw out that time was confusing I didn’t know how to feel I was always filled with anger but never knew what I was mad about that fact that I never felt at home anywhere or that I never had much of a father figure growing up I…

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