Essay My Learning Style

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My Learning Style

Anthony Handly

College 100

American Military University
Dr. Tammy Means
Throughout history in the United States, education has been on the forefront of our communities. Truth be told, people can’t live very successful lives without an education of some type. Being able to speak properly, read, write and conduct mathematics is practically a requirement to survive in society; as these skills are used every day to complete the most minor tasks. The challenge for most individuals today, is not the task of learning itself, but knowing how to learn. Historically children of ages five to eighteen were expected to sit in classrooms, listen to their teachers lecture about a subject, absorb and
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As a young child I was social, and was considered an average student. I do remember often being bored in class and mentally wandering outside of the class. Which I believe is fairly common for young adolescent boys. As I got older I grew less interested in school. I didn’t feel that I fit in, and I never could absorb or retain anything that was taught in class, especially during lectures. I feel that my lack of success in earning top grades affected my social interactions with my peers. They assumed that my poor grades and lack of interest in the discussions in class meant that I was unintelligent or ‘less than’ they were, socially and intellectually. As I grew older I discovered my knack for learning and have been able to capitalize on my abilities to be efficient at reading comprehension, and visual memory retention. Now, having learned about specific learning styles and their methods I have been able to identify myself as a sequential, visual learner (Bixler, 2010). I have found that this style has allowed me to be extremely successful earning my college education; having already earned an Associate Degree in Fire Science, and now with the goal of earning my Bachelor’s in Psychology and eventually, hopefully working as a counselor after I retire from the Army. I have found that being a visual learner

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