My Learning Objectives At The Wellness Center Essay

1135 Words Nov 19th, 2015 null Page
I believe I did not fully apply all of my learning objectives while at the Wellness Center. One of my objectives was to increase the efficiency of the center by applying the knowledge I was going to be learning. Despite that I learned many theories and concepts about how organizations work, I was not able to make ample applications due to the lack of opportunities. One primary anticipation I had of the Wellness Center was to be given new job duties and responsibilities beyond what is given to ordinary student assistants. I believed that my experience and knowledge of three years would have given me an advantage for consideration. This never came to happen in the way I was hoping for.
I was given an opportunity to work on a major project during the Spring Quarter. On April 2015, Student Health & Counseling Services was working on a submission for the “Healthy Campus Award” . This award is sponsored by Active Minds, an organization that helps promote mental health awareness. For the Phase II Submission process, the committee chose to go with the option of submitting a student-made video depicting how the campus works to promote mental health. I was personally asked by the Committee Chair to make this video possible. After some arduous work trying to recruit students to interview, I eventually had some participating members. I worked on a total of 6 drafts of the video using Adobe Premiere Pro CC – a software which I have only used once on a previous occasion. With…

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