Essay on My Leadership Style Is Transformational

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To be an effective leader we need to understand our own style of leadership. My leadership style is transformational. A transformational leader is enthusiastic, innovative, charismatic, and serves as a mentor for subordinates (Deluga & Sauza, 1991). In this essay will discuss how characteristics of transformational can be applied in my workplace.
I am surprised to find my assessment in this style, I feel that I my leadership style is procedural yet the results show I’m quite the opposite. Job experiences have left a foul taste in my mouth for leaders that micromanage and who are controlling. When I am told what to do my blood boils, therefore I strive to avoid telling others what to do and how to do it. Now that I am aware of my leadership style, I will discuss how I would to use it in my workplace or personal life.
Daily as a translational leader, I am challenged with selling products to prospective clients being the leader of our sales department. Good sales results require effective communication skills. I have found a customer centric approach to be far more effective than traditional pushy sales approaches. A customer centric approach focuses on the customers’ needs, making the conversation about them. It is necessary to have an enthusiastic, empathic, and reasoning conversation with our prospects. After all, we are trying to sell a service to prospects whom are sales professionals and being a pushy salesperson turns them away. If a member of the sales…

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