Essay on My Leadership Style At The United States Army

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In June 2010, I was a newly promoted Private First Class in the United States Army. I’ve been in the active service for less than a year at that point and I was already outshining my peers. My First Sergeant, the most Senior Enlist Personnel in my Company, came up to me and gave a challenge. This Challenge would result in a complete change of direction in my career, my physical toughness, and my mental capacity to learn. It change my mind set on what it means to be a Soldier. It helped lay down the foundation of what being a Leader in the Army meant to me and how I should focus my Leadership style towards my peers and future Soldiers I will teach and lead. That challenge was, at the time, one of the most physically and mentally demanding leadership courses that the United States Army gave, Basic Combative Trainer Course or more popularly known as Combative Level 3. The Army developed the Combative courses to help Soldiers to learn ground fighting and grappling techniques in a combat environment with full battle equipment on and to desensitize Soldiers mindset which will help mental toughness to complete the mission required of them. At the time the Army required all Soldiers to at least be certified in Combative Level 1. Level 2 is a volunteer course that covers up to 50 additional advance fighting techniques but Level 2 is not mandatory. Combative Level 3 and Combative Level 4 are instructor courses that not only require you to know to the techniques but to be able to…

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