My Leadership Statement

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Register to read the introduction… I think about General Patton where he led thousands through battle successfully. Then I think about Joe Montana who led the 49ers to three Super Bowl titles in historic fashion. The thing about all three of these guys was they didn’t ask anyone to allow them to lead; they just gained the respect of their people where they were allowed to lead. I want to be the same way, where people just look for me to lead them off respect rather I out rank them or they out rank me. For instance, if we put forty people in a room together with no rank insignias, after two weeks would I be one of the people the group looks to for leadership? That’s one of the questions I ask myself everyday, without the stripes am I still the same leader with them. I think the best thing I’ve ever been told is “it’s not about what you do for yourself TSgt Stack it’s about what you do for your people”. With that being said, I challenge myself to get better everyday as a leader but at the same time find ways to make the people around me better than me. It is very challenging to make yourself better but at the same time make sure the priority is making sure your people are getting better. If I had to some up my leadership statement in one sentence it would be to get better at everything I do but to ensure the people around me are even better at all that I do. Rather my …show more content…
There are three specific things which come to mine when I think of strengths. The first is leadership. I think rather before the military or during the military I have had a tremendous drive to lead throughout the years. Some people are born with the natural attribute to lead but I learned to follow in my early years which in turn have taught me to lead effectively. My next strength is flexibility. I see the world for what it is, so I understand there will be good and bad days. By understanding there will be good and bad days I became flexible a long time ago. Everyday is not going to be a good day but the objective is to ensure the good outweigh the bad days. My last strength which comes to mind is I am proactive. When I first came into the military I was pretty lazy where I just waited on things to happen. Now I look to make the good great and I look to make the bad good. I don’t wait for anyone to tell me to get things done; I just get them done because I know they need to be

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