My Leadership Philosophy Is My Biggest Strength As An Educational Leader

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My leadership philosophy is one that is rooted in the strong belief that it must be a continuous quest to motivate all students to become critical thinkers, effective communicators, and lifelong learners, while possessing outstanding character. This includes assisting students with discovering their talents and interests, therefore developing a love of learning, while developing into ethical, productive citizens. Accomplishing this requires a leader who is knowledgeable in pedagogy and curriculum, including the use of data and current assessments to enhance instruction, and who possesses outstanding communication skills, the ability to manage an operation’s resources effectively, promotes collaboration and teamwork, and is passionate and committed to helping students learn.

I believe that my interpersonal skills will be my biggest strength as an educational leader. Through frequent, honest communication, and my enthusiasm for the subject, I will demonstrate understanding and compassion for those around me, therefore building trusting relationships. In addition, stakeholders will recognize that I have the best interests of our students at the forefront of all decisions and discussions, further strengthening their trust in me as a leader. In order to support the success of all students, we must build and sustain a positive educational climate for all, therefore educating, motivating and empowering students and staff. To accomplish this, we must encourage and promote…

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