My Leadership Experience: The Different Aspects Of Leadership Practices

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There are many leadership practices that I feel very comfortable with today. One that I try to do everyday is “asks what we can learn”. In my opinion this is the most important one. People make mistakes everyday and instead of just dreading on them, you can learn from you mistakes. Right now that applies most to me with school work. I have learned from past mistakes that if you just get upset about a bad grade on an assignment or a test, it does not help. What you should do is correct what you did wrong so you know it for the next time. All mistakes can be learned from for the better. Another very important leadership practice that I feel very comfortable with is “treating others with respect”. This is very important in all aspects of life. For one to get respect you have to give it first. In the work place if a leader does not respect subordinates, he 's not doing the right thing. The subordinate would most likely not a have a good work environment nor would he respect his superior. One more leadership practice that I feel very comfortable with is “supporting decisions other people make”. Recently my current roommate told me he was not going to come back next year because he got into a school that he wanted to go to. I was pretty upset by that because he is my best friend. At first I was thinking that I had to convince him to stay, but I knew it wasn 't right to do that. I completely supported his decision to go to the school he wanted even though it would take a friend away from me. These leadership …show more content…
I learned that as of right now I am an authoritarian leader. I never really thought of myself as one before but after the activity in class I realized I have those characteristics. I also realized with hard work I could change my leadership style. I am working on that by giving other people a chance to give their input on something before I give my

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