Personal Narrative: To Be An Effective Leader

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“Everybody makes mistakes. Everybody has those days...Nobody’s perfect.” When Hannah Montana sang the song, “Nobody’s perfect,” she was most likely not thinking specifically about leaders, but this certainly can apply to them as well. Though they are looked up to and followed they are not perfect. They do not all possess the same particular qualities. Especially since, the definition of leadership and the characteristics that are needed to be a leader are always changing. Through this course I have participated in discussions based on excerpts of readings by KLM, Coles and Heifetz. By evaluating these discussions and readings I have begun to define what I want my leadership and personal change-making approach to be. My past experiences have …show more content…
Passion ignites the motivation needed to be focused, empowering and engaged. A personal discovery I have made through previous experiences is that my passion energizes me. When I am passionate about a cause I am motivated to dedicate my time and energy into fulfilling my goal. When I was on my Synagogues Youth Group board, I attempted to empower others and help them find passion in Social Action activities. It was very difficult because our board’s designated leader was not passionate about Social Action and few were even passionate about being engaged in the youth group itself. The board, aside from me, did not make social action a priority. For that reason I was unable to accomplish my programming goals for the year. I care deeply about many things, but there are also times where I expect others to care just as much as I do. This is something that though I know it is unrealistic, I still get disappointed when people do not share in my passion. Therefore Passion is an important aspect of every goal anyone sets to accomplish, not only through leadership, but at any point in their …show more content…
They know that societal change needs to have a long term effect: With passion and care for a cause comes the desire to make a lasting impact. I do not find purpose in being a part of a project that will not have a long-term impact on the organization or the people involved in the project. I want to set up stepping stones for the leaders that follow me to implement annual programs, events or continually make a positive difference in the lives of the participants. Adaptive work, as defined by Heifetz (2009, p. 22), “consists of the learning required to address conflicts between the values people hold, or to diminish the gap between the values people stand for and the reality they face. Adaptive work requires a change in values, beliefs or behavior”. One who thinks progressively understands the important of doing adaptive work. To be a leader, progressive thinking is essential to accomplishing any goal. Without being adaptive and understanding that society is constantly changing and sometimes needs help in order to do so, one cannot accomplish major

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