My Leadership And Organizational Philosophy Essay

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My leadership and organizational Philosophy

The Process and the assessment that I have gone through is based on a series of interviews along with a group of required personal assessments (tests) that I have collected the resultant data identifying and cataloging specific results, strength, traits and my reflection on them. My personal assessments identify many of the strengths, qualities all necessary to perform as a successful team leader as demonstrated in my role by taking the lead in my grandmothers Charity, it was reported that I strong developmental skills, organizational skills, was detailed, timely, was comfortable to draft protocols, procedures, self-evaluating, evaluation strengths of other group members, being innovation and creative.
When my sister struggled to get herself to study for her law boards, I took the initiative and stepped right in with both feet. The energy, organization and support, evaluation of weaknesses, develop short term strategies goals, mentorship, evaluation of individual and set up exercises, schedule, all the training tools necessary to achieve a successful result. When I went to work k for my uncle and found myself in charge and responsible for relocation his business and staff, I found myself once again in a leadership position with asset of goals and objectives through the use of being well organized, motivated, organized, structured, great interpersonal skills, well communicative, maintaining a cool, calm demeanor at all times, and…

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