My Last Period Class - Original Writing Essay

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I walk into my last period class, chewing on my nails while trying to keep my mind off of how badly I want my phone so that I can listen to my music, but I can 't do that, because my phone broke when one of Tony 's friends threw it against the wall near my face to intimidate me.

I remember the day as if it just happened, because that was the day when I lost it; when I had beaten him up pretty bad. I also broke his ankle while we were wrestling on the floor.

I remember telling him a that it was a bone for a phone. I still feel quite proud of saying such a thing, but he didn 't, and so did Tony.

The guy didn 't tell on me, because I am pretty sure that Tony wants no one to know what they do to me, so the guy said he fell in a hole in the school 's field.

After that Tony let the guy beat me up, helping him out by holding me back. His friend beat me till I passed out. I woke up after that with a fractured rib that took six whole weeks to heal without anyone knowing. It didn’t really hurt because I kept shoving painkillers down my throat while Tony left me alone during that time period which was a nice break from having water filling up my lungs, and getting a foot up my gut, even though I received nasty text messages from Tony, it was like paradise which is sad to say, because no one would call that paradise.

When my parents found out my phone broke they said that they would get me a new phone when the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 comes out, which is today, thankfully.

While I…

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