Personal Narrative: My Experience Of Being A Victim

Have you ever felt like you were in danger? As if you knew that something bad was about to happen? From these incidents, how many times have you been right ? Sometimes our gut feeling can let us know when something is wrong. However, we often tend to judge others without thinking and can offend them in the process. This past April, I was at the 145th street train station waiting for the D train to arrive. While I was standing on the platform, a man that was about 50 years old and clearly drunk, came up to me. He asked me “ hey what time is it ?”. When I gave him the time he said thank you and walked away. After about 2 minutes, he came back and said “ hey you 're a really pretty girl you know that? Whats your name ?”. I stayed quiet and …show more content…
One Sunday afternoon, my family and I decided to take a drive up to a lake. After we left, we realized that we were missing a few things for our trip so we stopped at the local a Wal-Mart. My sister and I went in together while the rest of my family waited in the car outside. After finding the few things we needed, my sister decided that she wanted to get something from the makeup aisle. As we were standing in front of the Maybelline counter, two men approached us. It was pretty easy to tell that they weren 't American but hard to tell what exactly their ethnicity was. They asked my sister and I for help but at first we were hesitant to do so. When they saw our demeanors change, they quickly apologized if they had offended us in any way. Once they apologized we immediately felt bad for giving off an impression as if we were afraid of them. My sister was so embarrassed that she left the aisle with her head held low. After she left, I helped them with what they needed. When I realized that all they wanted was to find the right shade of lipstick for their sister, I felt even more embarrassed than I did before. Once I was done helping them, they apologized again for making me feel uncomfortable. That was the icing on the cake for me. All I wanted to do was apologize for behaving the way I did, but I couldn 't bring myself to do so. I think that I couldn 't because I couldn 't face them with the guilt that I

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