My Last Day Essay

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The water droplets roll down my forehead as I lay in my bed looking at the water damaged ceiling. At twelve years old I slept in a one window attic in a tattered bed, under a leaky roof. I do not have any family nor friends to speak of and no real optimism for the future. School was my only outlet yet it was also beginning to be the root of my humiliation and embarrassment. Leaving school today with tears in my eyes and my teacher’s voice ringing in my head all I could ponder was this can’t be my life. Yet something my teacher said struck me as odd; she said “from black sorrows joy was born”. I truly could not fathom at that age what kind of comfort she believed I would take from this. Nevertheless, this made me wonder could joy ever come from …show more content…
So I decided on December 3, 2000 that after school I was going to commit suicide in hopes that it had to be a more exceptional place than this one. The morning of what I thought to be my last day on this earth, I felt this natural high that I had never felt before. Literally my day seemed to go by in slow motion; no one spoke to me or even noticed me except this one young guy who was always so cordial with me. He approach me in the hall and asked what was wrong like I had a sign on my forehead foretelling the plan I had in mind. But it’s hard to answer the question “what’s wrong” when nothing is right so I brushed the question off and walked down the hall. Apparently he had no intention of letting me get away without answering him because he proceeded to follow me. After little fight I decided to just tell him that I wouldn’t be returning to school, thank him for always being so friendly and give him an insight into my plans later. His face looked shocked yet mournful at the same time and before the day was over he approached me with a woman I assumed was his mother. She asked me if I wanted to have dinner with them and chat; I was reluctant being I already figured she knew what was going on but like her son she insisted upon it. We sat eating dinner in this awkward silence for what seemed like forever. Till her voiced shattered that silence; I was so deep in my own thoughts that at first her words sounded muffled. She asked me what in my life could be so severe that I thought this was my only way out. As I thought about how to answer this question the tears rolled down my face like water droplets on a cold glass. I opened my mouth to answer her and the words just wouldn’t come out, all I could say was I just want it to be over! She told me no child should ever get to this point and she wanted to offer me a chance at a better

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