Personal Narrative: The Birth Of My Child

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Just because a woman has had other children does not mean that she is prepared for the birth of the next. Being a mother of five children aging from eight years old to eleven months, I can say that every pregnancy and delivery was different. The story that I want to tell you is about my last child’s birth and how it changed me as a mother. It truly made me cherish every moment with each of my children because you never know what is going to happen. It all started on June 30th, 2014 when I was sitting in the obstetrician’s office, 36 weeks pregnant with my fifth child, and being told that I had to be taken to Labor and delivery right away. The next three hours seemed to move in slow motion. One moment the nurse is walking in with a wheelchair …show more content…
The nurse and a doctor (I call them the fake doctors, it was her first day in labor and delivery) asked me to lie down so they could check how far I was dilated. Once again I did as I was told repeating my sentence of the day, because the contractions were one to two minutes apart and they were like someone stabbing your cervix with a million little knives. The doctor proceed to check, and being new to what a dilating cervix was, she grabs a little pallet that shows how dilated the patient is. What seemed to be forever, she finally decided that I was 4.5 centimeters dilated. She informed me that they needed to wait an hour and they would check again to see if there was progress being made or if I was in false labor. The nurse sitting next to me watching the contraction monitor says to me very politely “Are you sure the contractions are that bad, because we are only showing them every five minutes or so.” I gave the death look to my best friend and she replied “She has told you all a million times that it is in her cervix and lower back that she is feeling all the pain”. While they continued to have a conversation, I stood thrown over a roller chair squatting having contractions and repeating my sentence of the day, but this time with tear rolling down my face and saying “I want my …show more content…
The second night of my baby boy’s life I was informed that they would have to intubate him because he was not getting enough oxygen. They said that as they did that they would put surfactant into his lungs to help his lungs open and close and not stick shut. The doctor informed me that the next 24 hours were going to be the most critical. After that I saw my baby boy every three hours. At that point I started pumping and from that point on till the day he was discharged I either nursed him or pumped and held him. My son was named Jeremiah Ammon Carpenter; he was 5 pounds 3 ounces when I brought him home. He is now almost a year old, he eats real food, crawls, says mama, and he is the happiest baby of any of my children. The one thing this all taught me is to cherish your family and never take any moment for granite. Being a mother is the most rewarding and toughest thing I have ever done, and for me this changed my perspective of being a mom, and helped me to see that every moment

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