Essay on My Lady - Original Writing

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The corner of Rignuth’s mouth tilted down in a half frown, but his hard stare remained fixed on Vaughan. “Marcus and I are lovers,” he snapped. “More than lovers, but that’s not important. My lady has known about this for years. When I was almost stoned to death in the market, she came to my recuse. ‘Arbored my secret. Lied to people who questioned her. I am ‘er loyal servant. I will not allow you to question that.”
“Really? You and Sir Marcus are lovers? And you have been for a long time?” Vaughan leaned forward. “How does that work? Never mind.” He waved his hand dismissively. “I don’t need the details.”
Vaughan and Rignuth kept staring at one another until Vaughan started shaking with laughter. Rignuth joined him moments later, and they pounded one another on the back in solidarity.
“Now that all that’s out in the open,” said Vaughan, “my lady, what do you need from us?”
“I need you to follow Rory and report back to me about where he is and what he’s doing. I cannot trust anyone else with such an important and private task. He left, devastated, and I’m worried about him. I want to make sure he’s safe is all.”
She could all but see the wheel’s spinning behind Vaughan’s eyes. He was already in tracking mode. “How long ago did he depart?”
“Less than an hour before you two arrived. He has Apple with him.”
“Right.” Vaughan stood. “Rignuth and I will confer, then I will find your son. I’ll have Rignuth garner information from people here in the castle, and we’ll report back…

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