My Kolb 's Learning Styles Essay

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“Determination gives you the resolve to keep going in spite of the roadblocks that lay before you. ” – Denis Waitley I have hit many roadblocks and have overcome many obstacles in life. In doing so, I have found that through sheer perseverance, dedication, hard work and a good attitude you can achieve anything. It has taken me a lot longer to reach my goals than I originally planned but I refuse to give up. Below you will find more information about my journey in life and the obstacles that I have had to overcome to get where I am now.
In Chapter 2, my Kolb learning styles, I offered a summary of my learning styles which include Assimilative and Divergent. I don’t necessarily agree with these findings since I learn primarily from hands on experience. From the two I exhibit more traits from the Divergent learning style. After researching Kolb’s learning styles, I would categorize myself as an Accommodative learner. I prefer using active experimentation and concrete experience. I learn by trial and error and primarily from hands on experience.
In Chapter 3, my biography as a worker, I offered a summary of my work history, experiences and the skills learned in these industries. I have experience in the following industries: Education, Health, Service and Food & Beverage. I have learned valuable skills from these industries which include customer service, clerical interpersonal, sales and accounting skills.
In Chapter 4, my biography as a learner, I offered a summary of…

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