My Knowledge Of Public Safety And The Outdoors Essay examples

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Throughout my life, I have been surrounded by EMS/EMT and police officers, as well as firefighters and extrication teams. Many of my family members and close friends are employed in these occupations, and enjoy their work. I also love spending time outdoors, working with animals, and hunting or studying wildlife. Combining my knowledge of public safety and the outdoors, leads me to believe a Game Warden, or Department of Natural Resources Officer, would be the perfect job for me. Working outdoors has never been a problem for me. I have always loved being outside. Back in high school I took two years of law enforcement classes at the Barnwell County Career Center. In my time there, I have learned so many laws and regulations that I never even dreamed existed. All of this fascinates me, and the possibility of a career in this excites me. Some of the things that the EMS/EMT, police and firemen do is just so incredible the way they help people or just some of the crazy but really awesome things they do it just amazes me. For an example for the 10/50’s “a 10/50 is a vehicle wreck” I get to go to the wrecks with my dad almost all the time. It just so much fun and amazing how the cars look and some people just walk out or some just are so lucky to be alive after yeah, you got the ones that don 't make it, but it makes you think makes you not wanting to text and drive or drink and drive and pay attention while driving an everything. It 's a really good way to learn about how life…

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