Essay on My Knowledge Of Computer Technology

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60-Minutes ran a feature segment on A.I. (Artificial Intelligence). My knowledge of computer technology is below average, consisting mainly of checking email and surfing the internet. As most people, I knew computers were taking over many jobs once done by humans, and had seen footage of auto industry robots assembling automobiles. I remember seeing video of a warehouse with floor computers delivering boxes from one location to the next.
A.I. is different. While watching this segment with family members, I commented, “With little prior knowledge of this technology, I essentially wrote of this in my book. We just witnessed the platform for The Mark of The Beast.”
Until recently, computers have been used to do specific jobs and calculations. In that field, the technology is mind blowing, in and of itself. But computers still needed programming for any given task. That is changing. Enter: Watson
IBM designed a computer named, Watson. This computer was taught how to read and understand human language. In 2011, it competed against the two all-time best champions of the game show, Jeopardy. When asked a question, Watson instantly scoured the entire internet, as well as its own downloaded information. Watson won by a large margin. Many critics were simply amused, as they were when the computer, Deep Blue, beat Garry Kasparov at Chess.
But Watson is different. Deep Blue was programmed with various calculations and possibilities in Chess by some of the great minds in that game.…

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