The Importance Of Writing: The Key To Success

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The key to my success, in managing my writing process, is through organization and preparation. Through the objective of practicing ways to plan and organize material in written compositions, I have excelled in developing my writing process. When writing I have developed somewhat of a routine. This routine usually begins with reading the assignment’s rubric given to me through my professor. Then, based on the assignment, I then tend to research what is needed in order to execute it. Next, when all necessary information is gather, I use my resources at hand to form my own personal rubric based off the one my professor has supplied. This rubric is my own key to success. From there, I combine my rubric with the information to formulate a rough …show more content…
Through implementing the same strategies we had talked about in class, I learned how to execute the same rhetorical methods as well. I do this by also identifying my audience, utilizing my vocabulary and language so it may make my own argument stronger, and also tapping into my reader’s pathos. An great example of having to read and write critically was Assignment 2, mine by entitled, Speaking Up: The Importance to Speaking on Gender and Feminism. In this assignment, I was asked to choose two articles, particularly from the texts we have analyzed in class, and execute a comparative analysis on the two. Through this assignment, I was required to not only think critically while reading the texts, but also write critically based on what I have read. Using these two skills together, I was forced to identify each of the writer’s purpose and depict the rhetorical manner they were writing them. Then, I was able to compare them separately, and later together. Using these skills combined was not only an example of critical thinking and writing in one place, but also demonstrated to me how comparing two separate texts together can further show me things I could not see before. Assignment 2 was the first assignment I have ever came across to force me to both think and write critically, and I believe it is a beneficial introduction to do …show more content…
One objective I hope to improve myself in is revising essays in a variety of ways with a clear purpose in mind. In all honesty, I don’t ever look forward to revision, it usually just causes me additional stress. To avoid this, I tend to revise my paper throughout the writing process to eliminate a long revision process at the end of the composition. By using this method, I tend to revise as I see fit throughout the text then revise one last time for grammar, fluency, and spelling at the end. This can be my downfall that I hope to work on in the future. Through the opportunities that Professor Tucker has given us to revise my assignments, as well as my Reflection Paper of Assignment 3, I have began to see the importance of the revision process. Rather than revising to be grammarly correct or in the right MLA format, there is extremely beneficial to revise with a certain objective in mind. I was taught this lesson especially in the Assignment 3 Reflection and Analysis. Through this task to re edit my paper, which I thought I already has edited enough, I found that that the writing process is a series of revisions. By focusing on grammar in this revision process, I found that I tend to write with many drawn out details that can be too drawn out at times, as well as, I also write in longer sentences, which is not necessary wrong but can also take away from the point I

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